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    Our roots grow deep in the Gainesville skateboarding community. In the late 1970s, the original crew created Sensation Basin – a killer snake run leading into a bowl with near vertical walls. These were some of the first times we were to see some of the greats in skating. FreeRide (originally Inland Surf Shop) was the first to sponsor Rodney Mullen, who is arguably the best technical street skater ever.

    FreeRide and the Gainesville skateboarding community has come a long way in past 30+ years. We’ve gone from our first contests in the parking lot to larger sponsored contests being held at Possum Creek Skate Park, Gainesville’s 20,000 square foot concrete skate park.

    We carry everything you’ll need to keep rollin’…wheels, trucks, bearings, hardware, decks, safety gear, skate shoes and more! All of your favorite brands in once place. We can also special order nearly any item and will do our best to price match if necessary. Check with us first!

    The skateboard industry continues to get consumed by corporate mall stores. The more skaters shop in the mall, the more they can expect to see their local skate shops disappear. This happens to local shops across the country every year. FIGHT BACK! When you buy from chain stores your money leaves our community. SKATE LOCAL. SHOP LOCAL.