stand up paddleboards. that’s what sup.


SUPs are the fastest growing segment of the water sports industry and for good reason. From touring to yoga, no other sport offers as much fun, versatility, and health benefits as Stand Up Paddle Boarding!


We currently carry a mix of brands like Bru SurfNSP, Walden, Triple X, and Adventure Paddle Boarding. With more brands and styles means that you get choices when it comes to your specific budget. Most of the SUPs in stock range between $650-$999. There’s a SUP for just about any discipline…even inflatables for those that want a much more portable stand up paddle board. We also have a selection of SUP paddles available. 


Stop by and take a look for yourself. If we don’t have a specific model in stock we can typically special order directly from the manufacturer to our store sparing you expensive shipping costs and having a large semi-truck pull up to your house with a 12-13′ box.